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THURSDAY 16 JULY, 2015 | RSS Feed

A smoking history of human people?

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The first draft of a smoking man had lost in the course of history. Jordan Goodman in "tobacco history," a book made, most tobacco began to be planted near the thousands of years ago in Mexico and Brazil. Where most people begin tobacco and medicinal value due to prevailing etiquette and grow tobacco, they may then tobacco and other plants blend of ecstasy. However, there is evidence that at that time they did not use or smoking the plant every day.
Tobacco before Columbus reached America, it has been a specialty of the Americas. In fact, shortly after Columbus reached America will know this plant.Newport Cigarettes Coupons When Columbus reached the Bahamas, local residents will be dried tobacco leaves gave him. Columbus with dried tobacco leaves returned to Spain in less than 35 years, people will realize that tobacco is exciting and makes the formation of a strong dependence. Europeans (mainly Spanish, Portuguese and French, but the British Sir Walter Rory also mentioned tobacco) in the 16th century, most of the time, the use of tobacco and the American way, they will be as analgesics. In 1592, poet Elizabethan Anthony Chute in his poem mentioned health benefits of tobacco are too large to doctors in order to do business as a secret, secret.
Unfortunately, it is hard to grow tobacco, lack of labor was the Virginia colony. So African slaves were shipped over. Late 17th century, Jamestown, Virginia, 25 million pounds of tobacco each year in Europe. Tobacco has become the number one export product of the American colonies. England know their colonies controlled by the tobacco industry, and began to drive down the price of tobacco began to collect taxes, and eventually led to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War (sometimes also referred to the tobacco war).
Popular in tobacco,Cheap Newport Short Cigarettes while more and more people began to realize the danger. In 1791, the London physician John Hill observed something in tobacco can cause nasal cancer.
However, due to the emergence of cigars and cigarettes, of tobacco cultivation to further expand. No one knows exactly when and where the cigar was invented people, but rolled up tobacco leaves than loose leaves more convenient to carry and transport.
In 1830, Britain imports 250,000 pounds a year cigars, the United States followed. 1850s, the United States has become the country's number one cigar consumption.Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Outlet Now, Cuban cigars are considered the world's top tobacco. Many Cuban cigar makers in the neighboring border open stores in Tampa, Florida, Tampa now has been called "Cigar City."
In 1875, the persons named James A. Bonsack produce a volume of cigarette machine, cigarette improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. His machine one day roll 120,000 cigarettes. Prototype machine was destroyed by fire, but he again created one, and in September 1880 to get the machine patent.

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