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MONDAY 13 JULY, 2015 | RSS Feed

Smoking or increase the risk of mental illness

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A lot of smoke has been confirmed. , according to a new study, however, smoking and increased risk of mental illness also has a certain relationship, this is likely to be the result of the nicotine affects brain dopamine. Researchers at king's college London through investigations,Wholesale Newport Cigarettes data collected in 288000 healthy volunteers, there are 15000 people are smokers. After the comprehensive analysis of the data they found that initial mental illness symptoms, 57% of people smoking; Among people who have a history of mental illness, people who smoke every day usually earlier than non-smokers suffer from mental illness. At king's college London professor robin Murray said, this is likely to be nicotine affects the secretion of dopamine in the brain. Other studies have showed that dopamine surplus associated with mental illness. Published in the British journal the lancet,Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online psychiatry report also said that still need more long-term follow-up study to better the deep relationship between smoking and mental illness.

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