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SATURDAY 11 JULY, 2015 | RSS Feed

5-year-old baby suffering from arteriosclerosis, doctors said hi

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Recently, the micro-channel circle of friends spread a news: 5 years old baby at Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Ruijin Hospital Hypertension Section of the inspection, the systolic blood pressure of up to 180 children of the same vessel as the eighty-year-old hardened. He noted that children arteriosclerosis, probably a lot of smoking every day with his father. Second-hand smoke is really so big? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the new culture of Jilin tobacco control expert, Professor of Cardiology, Second Hospital of Jilin University Meng Xiaoping. Secondhand smoke is greater than first-hand smoke hazards "5-year-old child suffering from arteriosclerosis,Wholesale Newport Cigarettes really rare." Meng Xiaoping said, but is entirely due to passive smoking cause can not be determined yet. Meng Xiaoping said that secondhand smoke is almost no difference between the composition-hand smoke, secondhand smoke contains more than 4000 kinds of harmful substances, including 40 kinds of cancer-related toxic substances. In the second-hand smoke, many compounds in sidestream smoke release rate is often higher than in mainstream smoke, such as carbon monoxide, sidestream smoke is five times the mainstream smoke, tar and nicotine is three times the ammonia is 46 times, nitrosamines (strong carcinogen) is 50 times. Therefore, passive smoking harm to the body even more than smoking-hand smoke. 29-year-old suffering from childhood exposure to secondhand smoke MI Chow patientsMeng XiaopingChangchun, although only 29 years old, but was a myocardial infarction. Chow said, and he was brought up in smoke, the parents are smoking at the age of 12 he began smoking, 23-year-old was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Some time ago he suddenly collapsed to the hospital for a check, MI. Fortunately, the rescue in time. Chow after discharge, resolutely quit smoking. Meng Xiaoping that tobacco can cause damage to human vascular endothelial cells, allowing platelet aggregation, sympathetic nerve, so easily lead to myocardial infarction. The tobacco tar, nicotine and other substances can damage endothelial cells, causing decreased immunity, dimensionless cause otitis media, tooth decay. Tobacco a crime: respiratory diseases Meng Xiaoping introduced either parent smoking, children suffering from respiratory diseases, and the risk of wheezing lower respiratory diseases compared with non-smoking parents of children increased, and maternal smoking a greater impact on children. Passive smoking children suffering from colds, pneumonia, bronchitis,Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Online asthma risk was higher than that of children without passive smoking, and the number of children suffering from respiratory diseases, with the increase in the amount to be smokers and extended family members and increasing the number of years of smoking. Tobacco two crimes: otitis media The risk of children suffering from acute otitis media parental smoking is 1 to 1.5 times the child's parents do not smoke. Parents either smoking, the risk of children suffering from recurrent otitis media is child's parents do not smoke 1.37 times. Risk mother daily smokers of 1 to 9, 10 to 19, more than 20 children suffering from acute otitis media were not smoking parents of children 1.6 times, 2.6 times, 3.3 times. Tobacco three crimes: allergic diseases Exposure to secondhand smoke may increase the body's allergic sensitization. In a study of 18,606 copies of the international study of asthma and allergies child analysis showed that family members daily smoking at home is greater than 50,Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Online the children's risk of allergic rhinitis is no passive smoking for children 2.9 times. Tobacco four crimes: child cancer There is evidence that children are suffering from exposure to secondhand smoke after birth can lead to leukemia, lymphoma and brain cancer. Tobacco five crimes: tooth decay The researchers believe that their parents smoke, children with high risk of tooth decay.

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