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FRIDAY 10 JULY, 2015 | RSS Feed

Reported smoking during the night, accept the time variance

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Full Moon reporters see the Tobacco Control Enforcement pay in Wudaokou found difficulty : 06 1, 2015, Beijing began to implement the "Beijing cigarette smoking control ordinance" provides Beijing many public places "with best child" of smoking, and offenders is going to be fined, or criminally prosecuted government. These days, the most stringent guidelines of the ban is a month, the Beijing Morning Article correspondent in an interview per month before the Wudaokou location, was found following a ban beginning to bear results, although for the nightlife within the region, described the night of smoking is not really easy. Smoking cigarettes ago Solely nobody subway station pump Wudaokou around Beijing northwest Victoria, page views, enterprise focus, dubbed the "center with the universe. " When reporters visited late May found of which smoking phenomenon "Night Culture" well-liked Wudaokou not uncommon. These have a residual ash bins for the corner of the nearby mall, in front of the bathroom trash littered by using cigarette butts. Middle-aged dude just left the station outside the subway rail station lit cigarette, a few steps in the parking lot not considerably. Small groups of teenagers gathered at the eating place door, poker hands tucked burning cigarette are developing full bloom. Enter your newly opened main overnight market Food City, smells and cigarette linger baseball. The following gastronomic city cleaners Chan said:."Smoking customers at the actual night market, there are lots of,Wholesale Newport Cigarettes normally found cigarette butts inside clearing the table when a number of people also soot into this dish, enjoying the strange disgusting" similar floor in the "Chinese tobacco" go shopping owner Ms. Zhang mentioned: "The people who arrived at me with many cigarettes, the general is to buy finished on smoke from the building. " Wudaokou Shoe store cleaner gold uncle, your dog said: "Building in common, no one smoke within the store, but like the actual elevator corridor, specially the bathroom is difficult to control, normally someone smoke. " Chinese restaurant inside mall waiter told reporters: "occasional consumers smoke, prohibited not good to prevent, in fact, will provoke the client happy. " Compared to other spots Wudaokou subway station the case here is relatively beneficial. World warden ??? Wudaokou subway rail station, explained: "subway has constantly been very strict no smoking, no-one would smoke from the subway. " In addition towards pit mouth of civilization supervisors, subway station platform ushers also shoulder get the better of smoking The responsibility for ensuring environmental sanitation subway gas stops. Smoking cigarettes after Most smokers behave In the "most stringent ban" Implementation month, reporters yet again came to the Wudaokou end up being visited. The vast most restaurants, shops are labeled the fresh "no smoking ordinance, " the particular billboards. Reporters in that subway stations, restaurants as well as shopping malls randomly interviewed THIRTY staff members, in addition to somewhat of a cleaning staff new posts, remaining staff have indicated known "ban. " At the same time, more than half involving pedestrians or customers which have heard of "ban. " Wudaokou Shopping Center across from the cleaning staff, a fine city, explained:."Daytime has no customers smoke in the evening occasionally encountered, but not as much as before,Sale Marlboro Gold Cigarettes we met will stop, consumers will listen. " This Signature premium City boss also told reporters produce an undertaking above twelve employees "commitment to stop smoking, " the boss explained the move is aimed towards service personnel from by themselves, to create a much better customer dining environment. To be found food Chengerlou "Chinese tobacco" shop owner Ms. Zhang reported: "no impact on internet business, that is people go to me to buy cigarettes smoked are actually consciously go out. " Enforcement Problems Nighttime only message Report "History on the most stringent ban" from the implementation process in the Wudaokou area isn't without experiencing problems. Wudaokou Browsing Center administrator Wang claimed, Wudaokou area night market boom, the phenomenon from the night to smoke a lot more, but it really is difficult in to the future to inspect the inspection team. June 28 morning, reporters contact the hotline 12320 Beijing City and county Health Service, to indicate the smoking Wudaokou owner exists, the operator said it will record the specific address and submit them towards the Health Authority process, even so the reporter did not give you a specific time to investigate feedback. 21 YEARS OF AGE: 30, reporters as just stated call the report, prompted by "3" key to venture to the smoking phenomenon of complaints while in the telephone message area. July COUPLE OF, reporters once again call up the hotline,Cheap Newport Short Cigarettes the personnel said, for you to report smoking at night to call the public message within 24 hours, to find out the specific location on the occurrence of the trend of smoking. Complaints received overnight, because the inspectors cannot be rushed to the picture, will be in in the morning after verification of the actual operator's relevant sites, the actual responsible person be disciplined.

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