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WEDNESDAY 22 JULY, 2015 | RSS Feed

5 years after the youth smoking rate below 5%

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2020 focused on infectious diseases reported incidence is lower than the national average

Province health department, led by health, the full implementation of AIDS, tuberculosis, haemorrhagic fever, hepatitis B, rabies,Wholesale Newport Cigarettes foot and mouth disease policy refinement Special Disease prevention and control strategies; organize national immunization programs work to consolidate and expand vaccination coverage, from the source the effective control of the incidence and prevalence of major diseases. By 2020, the reported incidence of major infectious diseases, mortality rates were lower than the national average.

At the same time, we will carry out health knowledge into enterprises, into the community, into the countryside, into hospitals, into the schools, family activities; the inclusion of health education in schools and the teaching content and comprehensive evaluation. By 2020, the province's residents health literacy level reached more than 16 percent,Sale Marlboro Gold Cigarettes school health education carried out up to 100%.

Health banned false advertising

The province will carry out the fight against false health promotion activities, newspapers, radio, television and other media published medical advertisements, all-round monitoring, banned fake health food, medicine, health and other illegal advertising, and seriously deal with medical research, health, health , seeks profit in the name of traditional Chinese medicine clinic, experts and scholars were misleading propaganda. Strengthening Main, operators, publishers of advertising regulation of outdoor advertising, investigate ban false advertising adversely affect health. Strengthening the site, micro-channel, microblogging and other social media release supervision related health content, increase supervision and bad information crackdown; encourage the public to keep track of medical advertisements supervised to prevent false medical advertising to mislead consumers.

Public transport 100 percent non-smoking

Smoking in promoting tobacco control, the province will carry out non-smoking health planning agencies, schools, non-smoking, non-smoking offices, activities to create smoke-free units, accelerate the construction of smoke-free environments. Intensify punishment, banned in public media or in public places, public transport, outdoor tobacco advertising publication,Newport Short Cigarettes Free Shipping sent to minors is prohibited any form of tobacco advertising. Strengthening the various schools (including extracurricular activities specifically for minors) of tobacco control efforts. Car media use tobacco control publicity and education activities to reach by public transport 100 percent non-smoking.

By 2020, the province's adult smoking rate has dropped to below 20%, youth smoking rate has dropped to below 5%, public awareness of the health hazards of smoking and passive smoking has reached more than 70%.

Effective control of chronic diseases rose rapidly

The province will continue to promote an integrated chronic disease prevention and control demonstration area to create activities, adhere to the children, the elderly, and patients with high-risk groups, focusing on targeted interventions and take measures to create a supportive environment for chronic disease prevention and control society, improve the health of residents Skills lifestyle, change, prevention and control, and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases.

Adhere to high blood pressure, diabetes prevention and management as a breakthrough, explore the establishment of chronic disease prevention throughout the management, through the implementation of the grassroots first diagnosis, two-way referral, acute and slow partition and other measures to promote high blood pressure, diabetes prevention focus down, sinking resources for chronic patients to provide effective, convenient and continuous control of the entire service. By 2020, chronic disease prevention and control demonstration area covers more than 50% of the province's counties, chronic rapid upward trend has been effectively controlled.

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